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Green Mind Project

Scavolini has always considered environmental protection a priority. In the past with simple actions, today with an increasingly structured and incisive approach. Many “small gestures” that, together, build a better environment.


Environmental Awareness and Respect

Imagining new ways to make a space “beautiful” and liveable is essential for us working with design. In this same spirit we look at planet Earth, our large common home.

Clean Energy: Project Sunload

Sunload, the project inaugurated by Scavolini in October 2011, is a clear demonstration of the brand’s ever-growing commitment to protecting and caring for the environment.


Product Sustainability

Being responsible consumers means having a greater awareness - and a different way of acting - in relation to the impact of our consumption choices on our lives and on the planet’s resources.
Choosing quality products, which last as long as possible, means reducing waste and trying to reverse current unsustainable consumer trends.

Occupational Health and Safety

In 2008, we were the first in the Italian kitchen industry to obtain the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, awarded by SGS Italia (an independent body and world leader in the testing and certification of industrial goods and services.)
The current international reference standard is UNI ISO 45001, whose aim is to protect the health and safety of workers, since human capital is vital to the success of every organisation. Our goal is to involve the entire company actively in this project with the aim of promoting a genuine culture of occupational safety.


Quality and Safety

When designing and manufacturing its products, Scavolini pays particular attention to all things quality, design, functionality and strength related, applying the best technology available in order to minimise the environmental impact of the processes and materials used, and to make them as safe as possible for the end users.


Product Quality

Choosing us means choosing the quality of our products: reliable, sturdy materials with a long-lasting design, and a price that reflects its true value, thanks to the careful attention we pay to every company process.

Scavolini Quality Lab

The Scavolini Quality Lab is a modern test laboratory, where we constantly carry out checks and tests in addition to those carried out during the daily running of checks to meet national and international reference standards.


Made in Italy

In 2018, we obtained the “Made in Italy” product, origin and quality Certification – issued by COSMOB - which declares the Italian origin of the furniture. And it covers both the kitchen and living room ranges and the bathroom and bedroom ranges.

This certification is extremely important to us, as it emphasizes our daily commitment to providing you with products and services resulting from the very best expertise and a focus on safety and quality that have always distinguished our brand.

Safety First at All Times

When designing and manufacturing our products, we follow the guidelines set out in UNI EN 14749 which governs the safety requirements and test methods for the structures of all types of storage units for domestic use, for the kitchen and the bathroom including worktops.



As early as the beginning of the 1990s, we built up a Quality Management System, based on the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

What exactly does this mean? It is simply the best way to operate to guarantee quality during every company process: from the definition of the customer’s needs to their satisfaction, across the various activities of the company.

In 2012 the same certification was also extended to the bathroom furniture and living room furniture sector.

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