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Italian style in your home

At Scavolini Toronto, our expert designers and installers, as well as the complete team behind them, will guide you through every stage of your renovation, from the initial design concept, planning, and construction stages, to the final installation.

Get inspired!

Every project begins with a dream: visit our showroom and be inspired. Touch the finishes, open the cabinets and experience the quality of Italian design and manufacture. If possible, bring photos, measurements, plans—anything that can help our designers determine the type and scope of work you have in mind.


We’ll discuss your needs, your aesthetics, your space and its dimensions. We’ll choose the basic components and assess your project’s feasibility and general cost range.

From minor updates to major renovations to new construction, we can help! An in-home visit will be essential if the project is a “go”, but it’s best to begin with a showroom visit.



The Why



The How


The Why

Design your dream.

Our trained designers will work with you—at no additional charge—through the step-by-step creation of your new environment. Using Scavolini’s design software, every aspect of your kitchen or bathroom will be customized to make the most of the space and its unique dimensions.

You will watch your designer bring your new space to life, in three-dimensional renderings that leave nothing to chance. With our virtual reality system, you will see colours, textures and surfaces. You will visualize every detail of hinges, pulls, and storage units, as form follows function to create efficient, effective and beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.


When the initial design is complete, we’ll do a final site visit for laser-accurate measurements, and make any slight adjustments that may be necessary.

When the design is refined and finalized, you will receive an exact quote and a precise timeline for the manufacture of the components and delivery from Italy to Toronto.

Make it real.


We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture and deliver our furniture on the agreed date.


As your home construction or renovation project proceeds, we will be in frequent contact, so we are synchronized with your schedule. When you are ready, our expert installers will then do their magic, bringing fine Italian craftsmanship into your home.

After the installation, when you have used your furniture ffor a while, your designer will follow up to make sure that everything is as expected. We want to be sure that you are happy with every aspect of your Scavolini kitchen, bathroom, living space and/or accessories.


The What

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