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Fluida - Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

Whether you’re renovating your home or dreaming up a new living project, we’re sure you’re planning a space where you can look after your whole appearance.

As well as satisfying your fashion cravings, solutions such as the walk-in wardrobe also allow you to keep everything in its place, thereby helping to keep the house neat and tidy. So what does your dream wardrobe look like? This is how we imagine it!

A very personal style

Comfort, design and customisation are the distinguishing features of the Walk-in Fluida project, Scavolini’s walk-in wardrobe designed by Vuesse, created to fulfil your aesthetic and space requirements, whatever they may be.

You can breathe a sigh of relief and have a look at the linear, corner, and U-shaped Walk-in Fluida projects or, if you need to separate two areas, you can opt for a free standing solution.

Accessories to complete the look

Pure White, Iron Grey, Seagull Grey, Garden Walnut and Nuance Larch: what colour inspires you the most for the Walk-in Fluida structure?

As you know, once you have decided which outfit to wear, it’s time to choose the accessories, which is really hard: shelves, clothes rails, drawer units, organizers - different furnishing and organisation accessories available in the Comfort line, which stands out for its Moka-coloured finish, in the Support line, in Metal Grey, or in the Assist line, chosen in one of the above 5 colours, to create a perfectly matching and tidy walk-in wardrobe.

A dream tucked away in the drawer... and in the door

With our walk-in wardrobes, you can combine and/or choose from visible and closed elements, respectively featuring compartments that are completely visible or framed by single, double or sliding hinged doors, which in turn are available in lots of different materials and with push-pull openings or with handles.


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