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Interior Design Magazine Awards Gym Space Bathroom with Best of Year 2019 

Scavolini’s Gym Space bathroom has just received the prestigious Best of Year award from Interior Design Magazine for its unique innovation: integrating a space for physical exercise within a traditional bathroom space.

Designed by Scavolini and Mattia Parechi, Gym Space offers a multifunctional design that transforms the typical bathroom design into a space of well-being. This design is meant to take away the stresses of everyday life by incorporating personal fitness into a homeowner's daily regime.

The vision is brought to life with the design’s take on Gymnastics Wall Bars. This piece is used to incorporate additional sports equipment including a Scavolini bench and traction bar, while securing the bathroom furnishing accessories: lights, shelving, storage and mirrors. Blending style with functionality, Gym Space offers endless layout possibilities for personalized customization.


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