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Italian Heritage Month - Join us Over the Perfect Faema-made Espresso

Scavolini Toronto Invites You to Celebrate 60 Years of History Together

For all the coffee aficionados, lovers & coffee curious, we've teamed up with another iconic Italian brand FAEMA Canada to explore the art of the Italian coffee! ☕️

Italian coffee is an art form where customs, rules and savoir-faire play an important role.

Did you know that in traditional Italian culture, there's a specific type of coffee to be enjoyed for every time and occasion? For instance, cappuccino is only consumed in the mornings - and never after a meal.

This month, as Scavolini celebrates Italian Heritage Month in Canada and 60 years of brand history, we're inviting you to join us to explore the cultures of Italy through great design, food and wine, art, and the overall Italian “gioia di vivere” Italian lifestyle.

Watch the video above, shot in our showroom with Faema's top-of-the-line machines, to learn how to make a beautifully simple espresso from home.



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