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Mia Kitchen Launches in Toronto in March

Two major players in Italian gastronomy have joined forces to develop Mia, a kitchen design collaboration between Scavolini and Michelin-starred chef and reality star Carlo Cracco.

A Residential Interpretation of a Professional Chef’s Kitchen

Mia is a stunning residential interpretation of a professional chef’s kitchen, the distinguishing feature of which is its seriously upgraded technological features.

The system is geared towards professional meal prep, with steel-finished appliances for dehydrating food, vacuum packing and a proofing oven.

The steel worktop is a must for meticulous preparation in full compliance with hygiene standards; the added gem is the highly practical additional sliding top allowing the utmost freedom while keeping things neat and tidy.

The extraction hood is definitely a must-have for cooking professionals. Specifically, the island hood - therefore free-standing - fitted above the hob extracts the smoke and cooking fumes directly as they are produced, having both a functional and a starring role in the kitchen environment. The hood is extended by a dish-rack which also works as a very useful storage element.

Mia by Carlo Cracco is a scenic kitchen: the LINE SYSTEM is a modular system of wall panels interspersed by a profile, which can be teamed with several practical articles: bottle racks, various types of containers, tablet shelves, shelf hooks, ingredient bowls and plants.

Mark your calendars: our Mia kitchen launches at our Toronto showroom end of March!


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